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Plsh Salon Offers the Best Keratin Treatment in Chennai. Get the Best Keratin Treatment With Highly Professional Experts in Plsh Salon, T.Nagar. They work constantly to get that smoothness and shine for your hair. Our hairdressers are experts in giving you the best Keratin treatment for you in Chennai .

Botanical treatment for the hair that smooths and shines frizzy hair. The effects of this treatment, when maintained well, can last up to 6 months There are different types of keratin treatments that go by different names. Keratin treatment gets into the hair follicles and inject areas with Keratin which is an essential hair protein. Your hair will develop a lasting shine which makes your hair look perfect and healthy because it is.

Hair Treatments

What makes Some Men & Women Special

Protein Reinforcement Treatment - Cysteine Complex

A treatment that reduces frizz on the hair, giving a naturally smooth look to the hair with trilliance shine & Softness.

• Fringe|Partial |Keratin

Silk Treat - Textured Services

If you are looking for a dramatically new style this procedure will give your hair a natural straight look. It will also add shine to your hair.

• Fringe
• Silk Treat
• Partial
• Regrowth touch up (4 Inches)

• VOLUME UP - Perm

Alchemy Hair Treatment

A de-stressing treatment that calms your senses, begins with an intensive diagnosis of your hair's primary and secondary requirements. After which a completely-customized solution is created using infusions, which are concentrated serums, to address your unique set of multiple hair needs.

• Intense Alchemy (45 minutes)
• Express Alchemy (30 minutes)
• Reconstructive Treatment (45 minutes)
• Luxe Oil Treatment (30 minutes)
• Anti Hair Loss Treatment
• Anti Dandruff Treatment
• Power Mix
• Power Mix +
• Inner Spa
• Instant Clear
• Instant Conditioning