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Pre Bride-Groom Packages

Plsh unisex salon is an exclusive salon with a vision to implement impecble style for you. Personalised services for you to stand out on your big day. The entire groom makeover team lead by Mr biswajit pramanik and vahini biswajit offer you the best bridal makeover services in Chennai. They have a collective experience of over 20 years in the bridal makeover scene servicing over 1000+ grooms around India. You can expect complete commitment, Extremely friendly staffs and the best Groom makeover service in Chennai. So,sit back and enjoy let us work our magic and make you look like an absolute stud on your big day.

Plsh groom makeover services

Pre Bride-Groom Package Luxury

  • Facial/ Relaxedgio,
  • Candle Pedicure,
  • Bombshell manicure,
  • Hair ritual,
  • Pure cleans,
  • Shave,
  • Haircut/Top Stylist

Pre Bride-Groom Package Premium

  • Facial/ Seasoul,
  • Tan- Removal Candle Pedicure,
  • Tan- removal Candle Manicure,
  • Hair Ritual ( Intensive)
  • Tan Removal Body Polish,
  • Shave,
  • Haircut / Senior Stylist