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We PLSH offer a divine ambience and atmosphere for you to just layback and unlock your calmness. Our experts make sure you are extremely comfortable with our service where both your skin and mind is replenished. We make sure your skin gets optimal care.

Signature Facials

Advanced Skin Lightening (Clarifying treatment)

Treats Oily Skin

Advanced Tan Removal (Hydrating Treatment)

Treats Dull, Dry & Dehydrated skin

Marine Mineral Shock

Sea Mineral Rich Algy Rejuvenation

Insta clear

Skin Balancing treatment For Normalizing skin impurities. acne and regulating Sebaceous gland

Whiteshine Pro

New Generation of cosmeceutical peels with immediate for skin imperfection without downtime


Treatment with the highest concentration of Vitamin C for RADIANT and BRIGHTER Skin

Triple Synergy Pack

Extraordinary formula with triple “RETINOID” activity. For Pigmentation, acne marks and wrinkles.


Skin recovery oxygen facial treatment with thermal water to respond to the problems of sensitive and reactive skins


Correction of signs of ageing. fine lines, wrinkles, non-surgically with the most exquisite active ingredients.