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Hair colour can bring a different vibe to the way you look. It gives you various pathways to experiment with your look. However, many would opt not to colour their hair because of the fear of hair damage. Well, they might be right. Using heavy chemicals to your hair does cause hair damage. But We at Plsh are here to help you flaunt the beautiful hair colour and keep your hair damage-free and healthy. With 10 simple tips, we can help you keep your hair colour vibrant and long-lasting

Prep your hair from day 1

There is no easy way to go about it. Start by preparing your hair from day one, Make sure hair is well-nourished and hydrated. Start by regularly oiling your hair and using hair masks at least a few weeks before you get your hair colour. We’d suggest a month. Get regular trims and do not wash your hair with hot water, Heat is bad. If bleaching is needed to get the colour you desire, apply cold coconut oil the night before. This minimizes damage significantly to your hair shafts.

Choose quality dyes

This second tip applies to you only if you are planning to colour your hair. At Plsh we use the safest dyes which cause almost no damage to your hair. So, the easy step is to come to us and let our professional hairdressers take care of the situation smoothly. But if you are doing it by yourself, here are some tips. If you are bleaching your hair first, make sure you are getting the right developer for your hair colour for example if you are getting blonde hair and you’re using a 50 volume developer it’s sure going to fry it. Always choose wisely to do extensive research on what you are going to get before attempting the process of hair colouring. The next tip is to buy dyes which are free of heavy chemicals like ammonia. This chemical can cause damage to your hair.

Don’t shampoo immediately

Once you’re done with colouring your hair you mustn’t wash your hair for 2 days. This will help the colour set into your hair. Use oil while shampooing because the oil will form a coat on your hair which will protect the hair colour. This will help minimize fading.

Reduce on your washes

You can observe a lot of colour loss when you often wash your hair. This can lead to you losing your hair colour quickly. We suggest you wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week for extending the life of your hair colour This will also help your hair preserve the natural oils from your scalp. We suggest you get a good dry shampoo. This can still help you rinse your hair and a great way to maintain hygiene and stretch out washes with shampoo.

Nourish your hair with proteins

Sadly one side effect of colouring is that the proteins of your hair are sucked off. Which can cause damages to your hair if your hair starts to stretch or snap off that’s a signal that your hair is lacking proteins. We suggest you get our Plsh protein treatment. It’s an extensive treatment which is sure to make your hair super healthy again. Or there are also many DIY methods like egg wash and others. Our protein treatment is done by experts using hair revitalizing products to restore your hair with proteins. In case you are doing the egg and mayo wash, we suggest you do this once a week.

Oil and lukewarm water are your friends

No hair care routine can be done without oiling one’s hair, regular oiling of the hair will help your hair not be dry and protect the colour. Overnight oiling or an oil treatment can do wonders to your hair. Also washing your hair with cold or lukewarm water after oiling is advisable. Hot water baths may be the best of baths after a long day but it doesn’t do much good to your hair and its scalp. It leaves it dry hence damaging your hair and its colour.

Put the breaks on heat styling tools.

It’s a Universal fact that using heat styling tools over a long period can cause lasting damage to hair. Reduce the use of heat styling products when your hair is coloured. Let it dry naturally or let airflow through your hair. If you are using one make sure you use it on the coolest setting. Keep the hairdryer 15- 20 cm away from your hair and use it. There are many hairstyles you can consider without using these heat styling tools. But if you are looking to get a certain look and you have no choice but to use it, use it with some sort of heat protestant.

Wear appropriate gear when you go for a Dip

This point may not apply to all of you but if you are a person who goes for regular swims in the sea or the swimming pool. We’ve got news for you, seawater and chlorine aren’t the best of friends with hair colour. So make sure you take precautionary steps before you go for a Swim. Always wear a swimming cap so it prevents water from soaking your hair. Or wear a leave-in conditioner or coconut oil this protects your hair from the chlorine by acting as a barrier.

Regular trims are a must

After getting your hair colour your hair becomes more prone to hair damage and split ends. We suggest you trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. This will help prevent breakage and spread damage. This will drastically increase the health of your hair and leave your coloured hair looking beautiful.

Do your research.

Find the perfect person to colour your hair. We at Plsh can provide you exactly that, experts who have worked in the styling field for years who know the perfect balance of style and haircare. You get your hair coloured at Plsh, We will give you the perfect tips to follow for long-lasting colour and healthy hair. If you are doing it at home make sure you know exactly what you are doing. Choose the right hair colour brand. Make sure you follow the instructions. Don’t leave the bleach and dye past the recommendation time. We at Plsh are always here to help. You can always feel free to reach out for help.

Hair colouring is a beautiful thing. It can enhance the look of a person. But it must be taken care of well or else your hair will lose all its beauty. We at Plsh have shared to you the tips you need to protect and extend the life of your coloured hair. Now, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with our experts and get your hair coloured with Plsh.

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